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The Endorphin Release Clinic was established in 1994 .

Endorphin Release Clinic Ltd. 24 Errigal Road Driminagh Dublin 12.

Sciatica - Frozen Shoulder - Lower Back Pain- Stiff Joints - Arihritis - Hip Pain - Whiplash - Neck Pain

Over the past 15 years thousands of patients from all over Ireland, the UK and beyond have been treated successfully using the Endorphin Release method. We often find that our patients have already been down the road of GP visits, physiotherapy, chiropractic and accupuncture treatments and a whole host of other therapies that may have worked to some degree to ease their pain but never fully , or they found that any relief they did get was short term. Some had in excess of 40-50 treatments. With Endorphin Release Therapy, treatment to lower back pain, hip pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, whiplash injury, neck pain or stiffness, tennis elbow, arthritic pain or knee pain, we find that 4 or 5 treatments on average is all that is required.

Several medical doctors, accupuncturists and physiotherapists have availed of our treatment and a number were so impressed that they have referred some of their own patients to us. At the Endorphin Release Clinic we have never advertised, that in itself speaks volumes. We have five therapists, all working in the clinic for the last 15 years.
During our work we have been fortunate enough to meet and train two missionary sisters, Sister Monica and Sister Catherine

Sister Monica is a native of Dublin and based in Cape Coast, Ghana W. Africa where she has carried out her dedicated work for the last 35 years. We first met when she attended our clinic suffering with lower back pain and sciatica. After 4 treatments Monica was completely pain free. She was so delighted with the results that she asked if we would we train her in Endorphin Release Therapy because she felt the therapy would be invaluable back in Ghana, “ my people suffer with whiplash, neck pain and arthritis too !” she said. With her colleague Sister Pat, they run a leprosy hospice, a school and an orphanage as well as administering help to the local villagers.

Since returning to Ghana, Sister Monica has trained many Endorphin Release therapists in the Cape Coast region and all treatments are carried out on a ‘free of charge’ basis. Monica and her team of therapists visit the local Leprosarium (Leprosy hospital) to administer treatments on a weekly basis, mainly to children suffering this dreadful disease. Following his training with Sister Monica, Ben Korsah, a senior therapist, and therapist to the Ghanian international athletics university team, spent several months in our clinic in Dublin in 2006. If you are reading this in Ghana, Ben can contacted at, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sister Catherine is another Dubliner and she was based in Sierra Leone. As a registered nurse she was assigined to a bush clinic and also treats the sick and the needy in the surrounding villages, She had heard through the missionaries ‘bush telegraph’ about our clinic and while home on a visit decided to give our therapy a try for lower back pain with associated hip pain. Having trained with us in Endorphin Release Therapy Sister Catherine returned to Sierra Leone where she found her new skills extremely successful, not just treating whiplash, sciatica, back pain and frozen shoulder but also patients who had been wounded in the war.

Two truly remarkable women, all from different religious orders, Daughters of Mary and Joseph and St. Joseph of Clooney.

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There are very few things not drug related, that ease the pain osteo arthritis but my trips to you at the Endorphin Clinic give me a welcome release from pain. Thank you, Best regards, 

~ Ellen Cabo

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